Sample Reports

Web & CSV Reports (Viewable Online)
Here is where you can view all the sample web reports online. This includes both the HTML and CSV (Comma Separated Value) formatted reports which RADREP produces from RADIUS accounting logs. When viewing the online reports make sure you follow all the blue colored links on each page. These links not only navigate between each report type but also 'drill down' into more detailed usage and billing information for each site, group and user shown.
Note that all web reports are column sortable. So if you wanted to see who was the biggest user for the report period based on usage time or sent/received data volumes etc, all you need to do is sort by clicking on the appropriate column heading. The first column heading mouse click will sort in ascending order, the second click in descending order. Where a session disconnect cause code is displayed in the Detailed Usage report, a full explanation can be obtained by clicking on the disconnect code number.
To view the online sample web reports click here.

Web & CSV Reports (Acrobat v5.0 PDF file)
The sample reports PDF file is provided for those who need to view the sample reports off-line in a hard copy format. This way you can easily show others what the Web & CSV (Microsoft Excel viewable) reports look like without necessarily installing and evaluating RADREP yourself. We recommend to download and print out the sample reports document on a good laser printer first rather than viewing them through Acrobat Reader.
It should be noted that the web reports shown in the PDF file are not always as up to date as those shown in the online web reports above.
Sample Reports PDF file - 3.47MB
Sample Reports PDF file (zip format) - 2.54MB


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